Here are some of my projects:

A Renderer for OpenStreetMap-Data with integrated webserver. We made it in a project for the university. Surprisingly it became a very nice piece of software and regarding performance we are even comparable to Mapnik, the official renderer. It is made with C++ and boost-libraries and we open-sourced it after our evaluation was done, so you can join our development at github.
As a hobby project I'm building a little webshop. It is inspired by my job as seller for fruits and vegetables. I recognized, that webshops are lacking support for units other than pieces, so I started to build my own. It's not completed yet, but a little demo can be viewed here.
This project is a little bit older, I started it in 2009 when I started to learn Python. Since then it changed a lot and was refactored multiple times. I tried to implement a game very popular in the black forest, where I come from. It is called Binokel and is a card game. Maybe it could be described as a mixture of Poker and Skat.