welcome on my little blog. I am writing mostly about technical stuff about networkis and open source. However I also like many other things like handcrafting, arts and laws so they will appear here, too. If you would like to read more about my person you can continue reading more about me. And now I wish you much fun discovering my blog :)
  1. Lilypond

    Mit dem Programm lilypond können Noten in Textform eingegeben werden und daraus ein optisch ansprechender Notensatz und midi-Dateien erstellt werden. Außerdem können mehrere Lieder in ein Dokument kombiniert werden.

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  2. Securing your server

    After researching for the university I post my findings on the internet, too. I will show some tools you should definitely have on your server and some which are nice to have to improve the security of your server.

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