Do you like writing documentation? I am actually one of the strange people that like to write documentation, maybe because I also like to explain things in general. The biggest problem I often have with documentation is, that it is either too vague or too dry, so nobody wants to read it.

There have been some attempts to make explanations more playful:

Mostly inspired by Julia, I tried to do my own zine. At the time when I began, I was just hearing a lecture about IPv6. Althoug that protocol is over 20 years old, it took until the last recent years to slowly get traction. One part of IPv6 is Stateless Link Address Autoconfiguraion (SLAAC): how to assign an unique IPv6 address to every computer without needing an (central) authority, which gives them out one by one and keeps track of all the IP addresses. At first this sounds like a complicated problem, but SLAAC protocol itself is pretty simple and elegant and so I thought it would be a perfect candidate to make a zine about.

And since I like penguins (a lot!), I tried to explain it using penguins. In the end it became more of a childrens book instead of a zine, but I hope you like the result:

I'm always happy about mentions of interseting zine and of course feedback via E-Mail.