My same is Simon Dreher and at the moment I'm a student at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. I am studying Computer Science and currently am trying to survive the 11th semester.

Many of my interests are related to computers: programming, computer aided drawing and experimenting with my little servers. Some of my programming related projects can be seen on the projects page.

For the university we also have to do some extracurricular stuff, so recently I visited a drawing course and am planning to continue practicing it. Hopefully I can soon show something here on the blog.

Besides of this I enjoy reading very much, but lately I unfortunately lack the time for it. Mainly because I have to learn a lot and additionally I have to work a bit to earn money. For this I am working for a local fruit and vegetable seller in my hometown Calw.

  1. IoT-LED-Leuchte

    Nachdem das Internet-of-Things der neue Hype ist und selbst Hacker es für ihre DDoS-Attacken entdeckt haben, ist es Zeit auch etwas aus meinem Haushalt ins Internet zu hängen. Darum hier also eine Anleitung zum Bau einer Leuchte mit RGB-LEDs und dem ESP8266, die über das lokale Netzwerk mit MQTT gesteuert werden kann.

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  2. Lilypond

    Mit dem Programm lilypond können Noten in Textform eingegeben werden und daraus ein optisch ansprechender Notensatz und midi-Dateien erstellt werden. Außerdem können mehrere Lieder in ein Dokument kombiniert werden.

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  3. Securing your server

    After researching for the university I post my findings on the internet, too. I will show some tools you should definitely have on your server and some which are nice to have to improve the security of your server.

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